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Day 7 of Great Social Media | Lens Distortions

For this last day of editing tips I’m going to introduce you to one more app called “Lens Distortions”. This app gives you the ability to add different types of lens flares, snow or even fog to your image.

Heres what the UI looks like once you have a photo imported.

At the bottom of the screen you are able to scroll through different lens flares. If you go down far enough you will find effects like rain, snow or fog.

Once you add an effect you can pinch to zoom and arrange it however you want. You can also adjust things like softness and opacity to get the look that you want. This can result in many different appearances.

You can use the different types of lens flares to add different hues of color to the selected parts of your image.

You can also take a landscape photo like this and add some snow to it.

Technically it is rain, but in this instance it looks like snow.

Or even some extra clouds.

As you can see there are a lot of different options. I hope this week of free editing tips was helpful. There will definitely be more content coming to this blog in the future. So as always follow Splash Influential on all of our social channels to get updates when those posts go live.

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