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Day 6 of Great Social Media | Dramatization and Brushes

Today I’m going to show you some of the filters that Snapseed has for dramatization and how to utilize the different brush tools to enhance these effects.  

Here is what the image looked like before




Go into tools and select “drama”


Once you get there you will see many options for different drama filters on the bottom of your screen,  


I chose the “dark 1” filter. From there by swiping left or right you can control the filter strength. You can also go into the control sliders to adjust the filters saturation as well.  

Next, go back into tools and click on “brush” 


First I’m going to work with the exposure brush. I want to brighten the subject of the image while still keeping the dramatic background. It’s as easy as just tapping and dragging where you would like to brush. 


Second I’m going to work with the saturation brush. I want to brighten up the reds in the dog’s harness as well as the blue in the snow. Once that is done the image comes out with a very unique look. Bright and saturated in the foreground with a dark and dramatic background. 


That is all for today. Tune in tomorrow for the last Editing tip of the week. Follow Splash Influential on all our social media channels to get an update on when that post goes live. 

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