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Day 5 of Great Social Media | Tone Curves

Today I will be showing you a more advanced way to adjust the lighting and contrast of your image. Google Snapseed gives you access to adjusting tone curves. While they are certainly not as user friendly as the highlight and shadow sliders, they give you a lot more flexibility with what you can do while editing.


Start by going into tools just like we did yesterday. But this time select the button that says “Curves”.

Once you are there you will see the following options for different curves you can adjust. You can scroll over to view more.

I started out with adjusting the “Darken” curve. This allows me to pull down the brightness in the snow, without further darkening the rock. As you can see underneath the curve adjustment area, and right above the curve options. It shows you peaks of where there is a lot of light present. That helps you know where to drag your curve adjustments down, or where to drag them up.

Next I went into the brightness curve so that I could further brighten the rocks without brightening the whites in the snow. Now we have a much more balanced and appealing image.

That is all for today. Tune in tomorrow to learn about color curves. Follow Splash Influential on all our social channels to get an update on when that post goes live.

Erik KerberComment