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Day 4 of Great Social Media | Intro to Google Snapseed, Tune Image and Healing

Google Snapseed is an app that is available for both IOS and android. The user interface is pretty easy to catch on to, its free, and it offers a lot of professional level editing options.

As soon as you open the app you can hit the big + to import a photo . Once you import a photo it will look like this.


Tap the tools button at the bottom to get started. First we’re going to take a look at tuning your image.

  1. Tune Image


When you get in to tune image the interface will look like this


In this view your selected effect is displayed directly at the top, this effect is controlled by swiping left or right across the image. You can switch tools by tapping the circled button on the bottom. Many of these effects will look very familiar from the instagram editor. But there are also a couple things different here. The biggest one is the “Ambiance” setting. Let’s take a look at that.

2. Ambience


Ambiance does a lot of things all at once. It really can bring your image to life. It controls not only lighting, but also the colors and the temperatures. I pulled it up to 60%. I really like the way it brings out the color in the sky and enhances the green in the trees.

3. Healing


This will open up a brush tool that allows you to swipe over parts of the image and remove objects. Snapseed will then attempt to digitally recreate the background where the object was and make it look natural. Lets take a closer look.

Don’t see that truck anymore? Thats right. It’s gone. At this stage if you look very closely you can see that snapseed has made some mistakes. Theres a part of the sky that doesn’t look quite right . but if I work with it a little more I can get it to look like this.

As you can tell its not always perfect. But thats also very zoomed in. You can see some parts of the road unnaturally melt into the sky. There is also some variation in the colors. If you zoom the image back out to its normal size these things are hardly noticeable. Working with healing can be a bit of a hassle. but I think its worth it. Look at this shot compared to the original.

Thats all for today. Tune in tomorrow to discover more features of snapseed. Follow Splash Influential on all our social channels to get updates on when that blog post goes live.

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