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Day 3 of Great social Media | Structure, Sharpening, and colors

1. Structure


Structure is helpful for making objects appear sharper. Unfortunately it can add lots of grain/noise in the process. It will also take away some of the shallow depth of field in your shot. This is also known by photographers as “Bokeh”. I brought the structure up 20% to add more details to the trees. Increasing it to 30% brought noticeable noise into the shadows of the image.


2. Sharpening


Sharpening is another effect that increases detail. It focuses more on the already sharp parts of an image. Where as structure adds sharpness to the whole thing. So if you have a shot with a nice bokeh but you want to make the subject of the image pop sharpness is the tool to use. It will increase the clarity of your subject without compromising the quality of your background.

3. Adding Color to highlights and shadows


Instagram has a feature that lets you add a certain color to highlights or shadows. Be careful with this feature, it can often add an unnatural feel to your photos. However, if used correctly it can add a little extra pizzazz to your shot. I selected adding green to the shadows. By default Instagram blasts it too 50% which is far too much.  I dialed it back to 10%. That adds just enough green to cover some of the brown from dead branches on the trees. This makes the forest in this shot look a lot more alive and happy.



For the highlights I selected orange. Again Instagram blasts it to 50%. I dialed it back to 2%. This way it adds just a smidgen more of color to our sunset without compromising the color of the snow.

That is all for today! Tune in tomorrow for an introduction to Google Snapseed. Follow Splash Influential on all our social channels to get an update on when that post goes live.

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